Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yellow Glasses and a Firmoo Review

Glasses are expensive, right? Besides the fact that people like me who need prescription lenses have to get updates every few years, there are also those moments when flimsy frames get crunched under butts or pulled apart by babies or left on subway seats, never to be seen again. Or worse, the glasses are fine but the %$#@ tiny screws fall out and there are no correctly-sized replacement screws available in your home country. %$#@ tiny screws...

The mister wears his glasses full-time. I probably should also wear prescription glasses full time but I am horribly vain and also in denial about the fact that my precious peepers have turned on me, making it so I can't even watch Star Trek without having to grope for my glasses. (THANKS A LOT, EYEBALLS.) Conclusion: We have, as a family, spent a TON of money on glasses over the past decade.

So, yeah, when Firmoo wrote to offer me a freebie pair of glasses to review, I said yes, gimme gimme gimme. I felt really special, too, until I realized that Firmoo gives EVERYONE free glasses through their newly launched First Pair Free Program. Doesn't matter if I'm not special. Free glasses! Pretty cool ones, too, running the gamut from modern to sexy to vintage and super geeky like I like.

Fun geeky, not MIT geeky or personal finance sexygeeky (though they have that sort of thing, too). I picked yellow glasses (these ones). YELLOW GLASSES! How fun are these? Paired with my ridiculously oversize phone, I end up looking like an aging hipster, ha. Love it!

firmoo glasses review

I knew colored frames existed but prior to know I felt like all the really bright, fun, saucy colored frames were out of my price range. Free is definitely in my price range, but even if I'd paid full price I could have swung it since full price is $39 including lenses, zow. I think I literally paid something like ten times that for my last pair of glasses. I figured glasses are just expensive and that's how things are so shaddup and drink your dang Kool-Aid.

Nope. So much nope. Firmoo is making getting new glasses so budget-friendly that I am not afraid to let my almost-4-year-old wear them around the house for fun. You will never see me shelling out for $300 glasses again, ever ever ever.

yellow glasses

Plus, I can't speak for Firmoo's other frames, but dang, these are substantial. They feel hefty, like maybe I could accidentally sit on them and it wouldn't mean having to buy a replacement pair. But if I did, it'd be cheap, even if I 'optioned up' for stuff like specialty coatings or ultra-thin lenses. I guess I should mention that the ordering process is super easy if you have your scrip handy and you have plenty of chances to review your selections for oopsies before you confirm your order. The virtual try on thingie was fun, too - you totally geek out trying on a jillion pairs of glasses before picking your faves.

The only thing I didn't like was that searching for, oh, yellow glasses in the search box took you to a page with resource articles rather than a list of all the glasses with yellow frames.

yellow glasses

And look! My new glasses even came with some extra %$#@ tiny screws! Just in case.

Final verdict: Next time I or the mister needs glasses, we'll definitely be ordering from Firmoo because the price is right, the glasses are sharp, shipping was quick, and I'm happy with the quality. Glasses actually start at $8, and even in that price range there are plenty of neat frames. What are you waiting for? Sweet scrip glasses or sunglasses are waiting for you. Go grab that first free pair!


  1. I don't know, I went for the cheap route once and will never, ever do that again. I have a super strong prescription in the first place and my glasses often cost almost 500 dollars (CAD, of course). If anything happens to them, the place I go to will replace frames, etc, most of the time. I got free new lenses recently when I had a problem with one of the coatings that I probably caused myself.

    Maybe I'm just cynical after a bad experience - but with the "cheap" lenses I had, the clarity was SIGNIFICANTLY worse. I didn't really notice until I got the new ones from my regular place and was disgusted at how bad the old ones are.. hopefully the place you found has a higher quality product! I'd love to pay less for mine but now I'm afraid to shop around.

    1. Thanks for weighing in! Buying glasses is admittedly easy for me because I have a wussy prescription and don't need any extras.

      I will say that one thing the mister noticed about my new specs was the clarity. Maybe I should do a follow-up post to talk about how these hold up!

  2. they look great on you! love the saucy pic. so far my eyes are holding up, but when they start to go I know where to shop

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