Monday, February 18, 2013

A Chalkboard Paint Cabinet Compromise

Once upon a time I kind of wanted chalkboard paint cabinets. The fact that my kitchen was already plenty dark and oppressive in addition to being tiny steered me away from anything resembling black. On top of that, I have it on good authority that chalkboard paint cabinets get totally gross and flake everywhere. Like into food. Yuckers.

But even though chalkboard paint is no longer the in thing, two recently screwed up recipes convinced me I needed a note station somewhere close to where I am actually cooking. Our compromise was a chalkboard paint cabinet front. Just the one, which the mister was kind enough to put together one evening (before his recent haircut).

chalkboard paint cabinet

chalkboard paint cabinets

Love it!

But but but I'm still not convinced I shouldn't try turning my kitchen table into one giant chalkboard, even though I have been advised not to ever ever ever by People Who Know Better. Or I may just fake it with the matte black paint I bought for Bo's changing table since I think I care less about the chalkboard and more about the LOOK of chlkboard.

What have you changed about your house lately?


  1. I love it. Matte black would be super cool on a table. Might need to steal that idea :)

  2. That is extremely cool! What a simple yet effective upgrade! so awesome.


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