Friday, February 8, 2013

Notes for a Happy Weekend: Don't Stress!

Hi, everybody! What are your plans for this weekend?

I'm not exactly sure what our Saturday and Sunday will look like since we're supposedly going to wake up to tons of snow thanks to a little blizzard named Nemo. If dance classes are cancelled - and I suspect they will be - the very first thing I'm going to do is whip up pancakes from the homemade Bisquick recipe I shared the other day.

After that, provided no unexpected work rolls in, I'd really like to focus on finishing the EAT sign I've been avoiding starting. Yeah, I'm at that level of not getting things done!

I'm inspired by stuff like this:

stress relief

But my plan is to paint the E and the A and the T on the wall above the stove using matte black paint because I have matte black paint, whereas I don't have a cute wooden E, A, or T. I've had a printed E, A, and T taped over the stove for about a month now to see if it was something we wanted to live with. Now that I've decided it is, I'd really like to get it done before my dad gets comes for a visit next week and Nemo means we're not going anywhere.

Anyway, here are some neat things to occupy your time this weekend in case you find yourself snowed in by Nemo along with us:

Chocolate cake didn't turn out? DO THIS.Seriously. And put some whipped cream on it in honor of yours truly.

Yet another thing I'm going to eat when my dairy restriction expires.

Mamas, if you're nursing or pumping or supplementing or whatever... you're doing everything you can so don't stress!

This might be taking a theme too far. Unless you love Disney, in which case maybe just right?

Making more doesn't have to mean spending more - buck the trend!

I always tear up when I read this, and my preemie wasn't even that early! Of course, junk mail can make me cry given the right conditions, so YMMV.

Speaking of preemies, here is an amazing post with etiquette tips for friends of parents of preemies.


Meanwhile, P. is home with me for a while longer, as is the mister, and we're on a hunt for awesome Valentine's Day crafts appropriate for a little chick who will be OMG four in just a few days. Any stellar ideas?? I'm thinking we're going to do these.

Happy weekend!

UPDATE (in pictures):

blizzard NEMO snowstorm


  1. eek! too much snow!
    happy weekend my friend

  2. Love the snow pictures! Looks like fun!

    Thank you for coming by on my SITS day. Great to 'meet' you!


  3. Ok, all the recipes are a must try! (except the penis cakes, really). Our crafty idea is this: but then I found out Em has 25 classmates throughout the week (some only Tues/Thurs, or MWF, I assume) so we're gonna go generic store-bought with them and make cute craftsy things for our dear friends- like you! :)


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