Saturday, February 23, 2013

Notes for a Happy Weekend


Bo recently decided to have a growth spurt or make a developmental jump or to just plain drive me crazy - I don't know which - and stopped sleeping through the night in the process. I was drinking full-on decaf coffee for a while but now I'm back on the high octane stuff.

Good thing he's so darn cute - especially when he first wakes up in the morning - so all my grumpy feelings melt away as soon as he starts gabbing up at me from the co-sleeper.

christa terry writer

It doesn't help that I'm so super busy. On one hand, it's awesome. Being busy with lots of new client work means that quitting my day job was the right thing to do. On the other hand, some of that awesomeness is diminished because if Bo doesn't sleep through the night, neither do I.

Aaanyway, have some links:

An awesome series of photography classes just for women and girls is coming soon!

Glow sticks in the tub? Yes, please! I sense a grownup shower rave in my future.

If you're curious about prematurity, this is a great place to start.

This is an amazing look at why junk food is so addictive.

Looking to letter something? This worked almost perfectly for me! (Except I used a blade...)

Oh, and I am really excited to tell you that I'll be posting an Under the Nile giveaway on Monday! I shared my recent post about P. and her Flatcats and the company was sweet enough to give me a prize that I get to give to one of you.

Have a great weekend! See you soon!


  1. He is SO beautiful! You guys sure make pretty babies (smile). Can't wait to check out the links because you always share great links! Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Oh my - he is incredibly adorable!!!

  3. He is adorbs! Nothing worse than having to wake up in the middle of the night again!

  4. It must be hard to get angry at the little guy when that face is looking up at you. I wish I had some words of wisdom to help you. I can't remember any of mine having that problem. With the american express baby, when she woke in the night, I'd just bring her in with us and nurse her off and on till morning. I was very lucky. Will be waving my magic wand that it gets better soon! Would love to win that Under the Nile Giveaway! There are lots of new babies and pregnant mommies at work...8-)

    xo Linda

    1. The lucky thing is he's right there in the co-sleeper so I just do like you did and grab him into bed! Even waking up for that bit doesn't do me any good. I'm such a crankypants when my sleep is interrupted :)

  5. Yup, he IS a cutie. I would totally love to take a photography class one of these days.

  6. It's hard when babies change their routines out of the blue, isn't it? I remember those days well. Hope you are both back to sleeping through the night again soon. :)


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