Monday, March 4, 2013

A Look Back at Our Last Family Trip as a Trio

Our Costa Rica vacation this past summer was a very special time. The mister and I had never actually had a vacation together up until that trip - technically, it was our honeymoon. A honeymoon with our three-year-old - who, to be just sickeningly sentimental, is one of the two greatest manifestations of our love. Maybe not the honeymoon most young couples dream of. But maybe better.

costa rica with kids

Better in that I was able to introduce P. to another culture in an immersive way. Better because it gave us a chance to experience something big as a trio before Bo came along - something P. will have a better chance of remembering than our trip to Germany the summer before. I got to go back to a place I once lived to explore how it changed and how it had stayed the same. And to finally go to the old fashioned ice cream store for a gorgeous milkshake!

Our Costa Rica vacation was such a wonderful getaway for all three of us. The mister and P. got to spend so much time together. We got lots of fresh air and sunshine and good food. P. spent more time in water than out of it. The mister got to leave work behind for once. I got to put a whole lot of miles between me and my epic ongoing to-do list.

But the best part, I think, is that the trip was a good reminder that life can be about more than work. We're blessed in that for the price of airfare, a rental car, and groceries, we can make it to Central America because my family owns property. My natural tendency is to concentrate on what we can't do. I'm a pessimist by nature. So I can sometimes give the impression that our little BabbyFamily is less well off than we actually are - financially or spiritually or emotionally - because I focus on what's not possible instead of what is.

Point being that if we really wanted to, if we could swing the cost of the plane tickets and a few other things, we could be back in Costa Rica in no time at all. It's pretty amazing, and the realization has helped me see that things are looking up all the time. That's pretty special!

What's your favorite family vacation memory? What made it so special?


  1. How fun! Also, when we've gone away... we miss the kids. THERE, I said it! We like them! They are fun to have around!

    1. Someday I do hope to take a real actual possibly romantic getaway with the mister, but until then I don't mind traveling with the littles!

  2. I missed the part where you mentioned living in Costa Rica. That must have been an adventure! I've always wanted to live abroad, still hope to. btw, you've been hiding the Mister's beach body...swooning a little, LOL!

    1. You better believe I just shared this comment with him!


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