Friday, March 1, 2013

Notes for a Happy Weekend!

Has anyone ever told you that your kids look just like you did when you were small? People have told me that... a lot. Do you think they're right??


I do! In other non-news, this has been a busy week for me as I continue to transition back into full-time freelance work. I'm still running my Under the Nile giveaway - you still have until Sunday night to enter, hint hint. I'm in the beginning stages of book editing for a client. The littles both had colds last week, which messed up my schedule something major but I'm back on track. My partner and I are still plugging away at Mom Meet Mom, and we hope you'll sign up for our mailing list to learn about pre-launch beta testing opportunities. It's going to be so awesome when we let loose!

As usual, here are some links to keep you from getting bored this weekend:
You need to eat this, especially if you're dairy-free like me

This has been giving me the giggles whenever I've had a chance to sit down with it

Catch me blogging over at And Then We Saved: lots of comment love pretty please

A look at how one bi-racial family responds to criticism (with tips!)

I'm never going to need a stretchy waistband again, but maternity fashion is fun to look at

No joke, the only pie crust you'll ever need

Start 'em on chores early - you'll be glad you did
Have a great weekend! See you soon!


  1. YES they look like you
    YES you posted one of my favorite recipes!!

    I have two avocados waiting to be turned into that amazing sauce. I also have three beginner trees sprouting in my drawer from the last batch! :X

    1. It's awesome, right? And especially good for me since it's the closest I can get to a cream sauce at the mo.

  2. P is your clone and H has your ears and smile. heart-melting! off to check out the links you posted. happy weekend!


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