Friday, March 15, 2013

Notes for a Happy Weekend!

Do you ever forget to appreciate your spouse/partner?

appreciate your partner

The mister is a king among men for going off to work before the rest of us are awake and coming home just in time for dinner and general crankiness and sometimes bathtime, which falls onto his roster of parental duties. I don't say thanks for that often enough. And sometimes I'm so ungrateful that I manage to feel bad that I have to work while Bo is sleeping and that P. still goes off to childcare every day - instead of feeling at least a little grateful that I can mostly turn work off when Bo wakes up to lay on the ground while he complains about being on his tummy until we both pack up to pick up P. while it's still light out.

Which is nothing compared to being gone 10 or 11 hours every day. Which is what the mister has to do, Monday through Friday.

Everyone who says mamas don't get breaks are right, but let's not forget that if there's a papa or a partner in the picture, their workday is not a break. (I've done the out of the house gig, and the office was not where I went to get away from it all.) And hopefully, those papas and partners are like the mister and are knee-deep in housework as soon as they get home. The mister goes from one kind of work to another and back again - something that weighs on my soul so hard I'd rather make less money for twice as much work just so I can be at home.

So please please make an effort to thank your co-parent today, especially if he or she spends most of the week away from home and family. It's a lot harder than you may realize!

But enough of he heavy stuff... happy Friday! Have some links:

If you love cinnamon, try this recipe (and add extra cinnamon, like I did)

A  tough parental realization

Pausing before responding - I need to work on it, for real

Love this idea for parking lot safety

Homemade Clif bars? Yes, please!

P. and I need to get moving on these (Easter's so early this year *whine*)

And finally, if you haven't already, please sign up for the Mom Meet Mom beta!

See you on Monday :)


  1. My partner is also gone quite a lot of the day ... and comes home for dinner and bath. I complain that at least he gets a change of scenery, but the reality is that it's draining on both of us. And we should appreciate each other.

    LOVE the link to pausing before responding. Thanks for that!

    And YES: I should do a frosting tutorial. Awesome idea! :) Vlog, here I come. Not tomorrow, but some day soon. ;)

    1. Not much of a change of scenery - at least it didn't strike me that way. When I was mostly a SAHM who worked a little, we'd go to the beach and the park and... well, we could go wherever we wanted. Change of scene? No problem.

  2. I agree with Justine, appreciate each other and the many hats we both wear and the many hours we both put in. I think I signed up for Mom Meet Mom

    1. I wanted to highlight partners who work outside the home in particular because they make the ultimate sacrifice - spending hours at a time away from home and family. I guess some people like it, thrive on it. But I know the mister would give anything to be able to spend more time with his kids, but he doesn't because he knows working is the right thing to do.

  3. NO WAY. Hello, similar brainwaves! I just came to catch up - there must be something in the air that is making us all super thankful to our spouses. You have a great mister :)

    Oh, and I made protein 'bars' today because my mister said it would make the "ultimate cheesecake crust". He didn't know I'd been planning to make a cheesecake dip so that was a cool idea. Well, after I got it lined in the bowl I turned around to find T had dumped dishwater in the other half. SOooo it's a great sensory activity, too.


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