Monday, April 8, 2013

An Interview with Julia, my Co-Founder at Mom Meet Mom

As we get closer to launching Mom Meet Mom, I thought it might be fun to do a Q&A with my co-founder, Julia. She studied computational neuroscience and worked at a DC-area think tank before dropping out of the rat race and moving to the Pacific Northwest. If anyone has earned the mommy acronym badge, it's Julia. She has worked outside the home, worked at home, and now she's a SAHM! She's also way smarter than any of us, so if she ever decides to take over the world, watch out.

Friends, meet Julia!

1. Do you have a best mom friend? How did you two meet?

This should be an easy question, but it really isn't. I have a best online mom friend - that's Christa*, and we met long before babies were part of our lives because we both wrote for the same website. My best in-person mom friend is Sandi. We met at an indoor playground not long after I moved to the northwest. I was trolling for mom friends and she looked almost as tired as I felt!

2. What inspired you to build a community around helping moms meet?

Oh, that's easy. I'm terrible at it! I had really bad post-partum depression with my first, and we moved cross-country when she was just 18 months old. I was so lonely, and it was awful - I don't want anyone else to suffer like that if I can help!

3. What do you get out of your friendships with other moms that is different from your friendships with people who don't have kids?

It's a lot of little things that boil down to understanding. Parenting represented a huge paradigm shift for me, and my parent friends just seem less likely to be put off by things like surprise schedule changes, bizarre interruptions ("Mama, the monsters are upset because they have stinky diapers!"), unexpected bodily fluids, etc.

4. What's your personal mom superpower? Something you feel like you do really well?

Translating complicated ideas into age-appropriate kidspeak. It's why the 2- and 3-year-olds in my daughter's preschool class can give a pretty cogent explanation of gravity!

5. What is your favorite way to help and support other moms/parents?

What I'm best at (and love doing) is providing a non-judgmental ear so that parents can be honest about how they are feeling. I really believe that, by and large, everyone is doing their best, and that parenting can be really hard. And I think it really helps to have someone in your life who won't think you're a terrible person if you say, "my kid is just being a jerk today and I am so mad because I don't know what to do."

6. If you could only ask the moms you meet one question, and had to use that to figure out whether you could be friends, what would you ask?

Heh. Here's the scenario: you're with a young child in a crowded public place when he or she loudly asks a wildly inappropriate question (e.g., "Mama, do robots have penises or vaginas?"). What do you do and how do you feel while doing it?

7. What advice would you give new moms who are trying to connect with other moms?

The advice I wish someone had given me - you're not a bad mom if it doesn't work out. And, of course, try Mom Meet Mom, where it's easy to meet moms!

Now, listen up! Are you a mom with a neat story to tell? If you'd like to be featured at the official Mom Meet Mom blog in an interview of your own, let me know at thebabbymama @!

*OMG I am famous! Best Q&A ever!


  1. I wish I could translate ideas into kidspeak. I feel like I'm so bad at that! And the three-year-old has so many questions. Truly a superpower.

    1. I know, right? They ask the tough questions - why is the sky blue and so on - and we're all "the Rayleigh Effect, of course" and then we're all more confused than when we started.


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