Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How I Wake Up in the Morning

At some point, my older child learned to open doors with standard doorknobs. Probably much later than your child, even though I swear we did try to teach her how to turn and push simultaneously. And well, she did learn eventually. What that meant was that when she woke up at 7 a.m. on the dot she was no longer limited to yelling "Helllooooo! Anybodeeeee? It's morning! Paaaaapaaaaaa?" into the monitor until one of us blearily shuffled downstairs to spring her from her bedroomy prison.

Nowadays, she springs herself. Usually still at around 7 a.m. on the dot, which is perfect from a logistics standpoint but generally about two hours earlier than I would want to wake up based on how Bo is currently sleeping (or not) at nighttime. As far as I can tell, her morning routine consists of getting out of bed and looking for some number of toys with which to delight me and Bo (or me, Bo, and the mister on weekends) before exiting her room and then making a beeline for the stairs.

How do I wake up in the morning?

I wake up daily to the sounds of stomping and squeaky-voiced counting. ZERO. ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR... all the way up to a triumphant ELEVEN! At which point, I have usually pulled the blanket up over my sleepy head and so I will either hear the muffled sound of my bedroom doorknob turning or the muffled sound of the doorknob itself slamming directly into the wall after a gargantuan push because we still have not installed a doorstop in our no-longer-new bedroom.

This is why every morning involves a singsong numerical narrative:

numbered stairs

Now P. has officially arrived and begins to explain why on this day she has brought a stuffed dog, the world's smallest t-rex, a microscopic bouncy ball, one Strawberry Shortcake shoe, and a "cuddly worm" before putting it all on the end of the bed and waiting for me to lift the covers so she can climb in. This morning, in particular, I was reminded of a time not so long ago when she would need to be pulled up onto the bed because it was simply too tall for her to scale.

She is warm in footie pajamas and snuggles close to me on my right, relaxing herself into my curves. I will miss this someday. On my left, Bo has by now opened his eyes - if he wasn't already awake and gabbing to himself while I feigned sleep - and is grabbing handfuls of my hair in his fat little fists. He tugs, harder than you'd expect, in sharp little pulls that make me think he's ringing for service.

Hey! (tug) You! (tug) Get a boob over here, stat! (tug) I don't have all day! (tug tug tug)

P. will eventually decide "That's enough cuddling, mama." Bo will start to fuss. And then, after having both greeted the day, my two children greet each other.

children's sleep patterns

I'm tired. So tired. But as much as I might like another two hours of sleep, I think I like this current wake up routine, hair pulling and all, even more.

How do you wake up in the morning?


  1. Similarly! This morning it was the three-year-old whisper-screaming, "Mama, come out! I have to poop now! Dada left for work." So that was a nice wake up, right? But the sun was shining and the baby boy has a cold so his breathing was a little loud but he managed to stay asleep. Even when they're both screaming, it still sounds better than my old high school alarm clock that screamed at me at 5:20 am in the dark. I'll take this any day!

  2. Aww, that's so sweet <3

    My kids are a little older now, so they usually just get up and watch tv until I get up (which isn't much later than them)!

  3. Luckily, I just wake up to an alarm. I usually have to wake the baby up myself and get ready for work/daycare. I wish my morning was a little less rushed and had time for cuddles, but we need our sleep.

    1. I have to say, the best part of transitioning from full-time to contract work has been that I could shift the drop off time for childcare forward by an hour. I'm still working, but I have a little more leeway.

      Grab those weekend cuddles!!!

  4. That is so cute. We share a BR (only one in the joint) so I wake up to screeching and if I wait too long he starts throwing his toy menagerie at us. Good times!

    1. We happily co-slept w/ P. for 8 mo. then room shared until about 1 yr. At which time we realized we were constantly waking each other up and so the grownups moved out!

  5. Awwwww- that is too adorable :) my wake up routine begins at 6:00am where the little one (now almost 8 months) stands in his crib and coos and grunts until i wake up and scoop him out before he wakes his older brother who sleeps in our bed.

    I can't seem to get the big brother out of our bed! I tried and he kept running back into our room in the middle of the night- then i'd wake up and carry him back to his bed and then when he fell back asleep i'd go back to my room- 5 mins later he jumps back int our bed! I know i'll miss it though :)

  6. My daughter now wants numbers for our stairs. So adorable!

  7. Darling. I wake up sporadically. On a good day, I get up about 4:45, and I a solid two hours to drink coffee, catch up on blogs, and do some work. Then the gals wake up and play, while I make breakfast.

    On rough days, the gals wake up and the sound of their door banging is what wakes me. That means I'm starting the day from somewhere well behind the starting line and I'll spend the whole day trying to make up for lost time.


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