Saturday, April 20, 2013

Oh Yeah? I Know What THAT Means!

Ladies and gents, it is frank question time.

Does anyone else out there ever get a little embarrassed when someone says "We're trying for a baby"?

I am totally not talking about couples who are going through an IVF cycle here. These are people who are, well, going about things the old fashioned way.

Maybe I'm just a total pervo in prude's clothing, but my brain... it goes there. I can't help it.

Now, I'm not saying I picture anything. I don't even continue to think about it much after the encounter. But in that moment, when they're excitedly explaining how they're finally ready to conceive, my brain is going wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean eh?

Worse still, again in that moment, my first inclination is to give an enthusiastic thumbs up. You go, girl! Get yer freak on!

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I guess while we're on the subject, I can also ask this gem of a question:

Am I the only one out there who, every now and then, looks at babies and thinks "Sex made that... ew..."?


  1. I do think it's strange to let people know you're "trying." Like you said, it basically amounts to announcing "hey, we're having lots of sex!" which wouldn't be appropriate in any other context. Or worse, the hoped-for result doesn't happen, and then you have to deal with lots of depressing questions regarding how things are progressing.

    By all means, let me know you're open to the possibility of kids, but wait and just tell me once you're actually pregnant.

  2. It doesn't weird me out, probably because I've said as much. I didn't go around inserting it into conversation or anything, but if someone asked when we were going to start trying I did tend to reply "now". I got a blush from Christopher's cousin's wife..but asked! lol

    1. Oddly, my brain kind of does the same thing when someone is pregnant. Like I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE...

  3. This is the same reason my mom told me to stop saying "She's in the bathroom and can't come to the phone right now" back when you couldn't direct dial the person on the toilet.

    At some point my husband will have to stop saying - I made you from my sperm, buddy!!! because he probably won't LOL at it when he's 5 ;)

  4. YES TOTALLY! i even felt weird telling people i was pregnant because the implication was that they now knew there was sex involved. Especially telling work people. kinda icky.


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