Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The BabbyFamily House Tour Pt. II: Have a Seat!

The next stop on my house tour is the living room! Since going back to full-time freelance writing and editing work and getting starting with Mom Meet Mom, I've been spending a lot more time in here. It has wonderful big southern facing windows so the room is bright and cheery practically all day long. I actually have a workspace upstairs, but haven't sat at my "real" desk in ages.

You may, like many visitors do, ask who plays! Well, the mister took lessons when he was five. I took a short course in college when I was a freshman music major with specializations in voice and euphonium. So I guess the answer to 'who plays?' is whatever four-year-old is strong enough to open the lid and start banging away. I hope to find time to practice myself someday, and it's a great starter instrument for kids. (Plus it cost me like a hundred bucks.)

I like masks and family photos. What's hanging on your walls?

All the light makes our living room sill a great place for plants, but we're limited to containers the size of a solo party cup. Right now we have sunflowers, zinnias, basil, cosmos, and dessert rose growing there. If I wasn't starting seeds right in the garden this year, this is where I'd sprout them.

Here's where I work! I'm sitting right there, right now!

I have a big purple elephant that sometimes lives in the living room but is currently hiding in the mister's office because P.'s easel is next to the couch. The elephant is made of plaster and I've broken it twice but epoxy glue is my friend.


Right now, there's a three story dollhouse living on our linen chest because I can't for the life of me figure out where to put it. I call it the Dollhouse of Horrors because things like carnivorous dinos and sharks are always ending up inside.

Pull up a pillow!

And here's the last corner. I love my vintage sphere light - and we can use all the lighting we can get because that's one thing our living room did not come with. Seriously, there are no overhead lights in here so we've done what we can to add lighting.

Did you miss my kitchen? When are you going to let me into your house?


  1. Sorry this is unrelated to the above post, but I liked a post from another site you did about curtain room diveders. Could you tell me where I could purchase the third divder you posted:

    Thanks, I really like it for our place.


  2. Thanks, Rory!

    And now I wish I had better news for you. It looks like Dvider (, the company that made that, no longer exists. Of course, they started at $626 for the basics, so maybe that's why... I think you could mock up the same thing with a pair of tension rods and a big piece of canvas, though.

  3. Yeah, I'm brainstorming a way to do it myself! Thanks for the response.

  4. You wouldn't know where to shop for really long rods like the one pictured, would you? Or how to make one if needed?

    1. How tall are your ceilings? Here's one at 108":

      But a rod and bracket system that you could lock might work better. I'd hit the Home Depot and see what kind of locking rods are available to start, then see how I could use maybe... rubber feet to avoid damaging floor/ceiling...

  5. Awesome, thanks...have to go measure my ceiling!

  6. Your house is so colorful and lively! I feel like our home is so boring compared to yours. LOVE the elephant in particular. My girls have a Little People house that the three year old used to use to store her plastic bugs. Nearly every night I would make some kind of infestation joke. Good times.

  7. I love all the color!
    I'd give a blog tour of my home, but it's always too messy, and unimpressive.

  8. Oh, I LOVE THIS! and missed it somehow so I'm late to the party. Where the heck did you get that elephant?? I have a thing for ele's. <3 We have some similar stuff...I'm sure you're shocked. Like owls with clothespins? Over my head right now. Matryoshka? Yes. Black frame, check. I have some massive walls...I can't wait until I own so I can paint!

    Have you ever transferred one of those plants to dirt? I have a situation growing in a big vase that I'm afraid to touch.......


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