Thursday, April 25, 2013

The BabbyFamily House Tour Pt. III: Where Kids Play (and Don't)

Next up on my house tour are the kids' rooms, which are more often than not in a state of utter disaster. P.'s, because she plays like a whirlwind. And Bo's, because it's not really even his room yet. There's still a full size guest bed taking up most of the room - and now a dresser blocking half a window, too. Eventually the guest bed is going to go... somewhere. But we haven't figured that out yet, and Bo sleeps between us so the only thing that lives in his room full time is his clothing.

Anyway, onto the tour!

We like to save a memento from P.'s birthday parties and either keep it around or save it (like her P with the pea) for future parties. Those mini rainbow buntings are from her rainbow themed second birthday party. And I was about to say everyone gets a letter on their doors, but I don't have a letter. What the heck?

Family photos. Family photos everywhere. And P. even has a collage just of her baby pics. Poor Bo. There's practically no space where I could put a Bo collage and I don't have a photo printer anymore, anyway. At least I'm working on his baby book, right?

We have a C for me, a T for the mister, and a P for P. But no H. And no space. Poor kid is going to think we bought him fully formed.

So here's a bit of P.'s room. The light was weird so her paint looks orange-y when in fact, it is pretty much bubble gum pink. And yes, I chose the color, but in my defense pink was her absolute fave way before I ever gave into the pinksplosion.

I love that wee piano. And the mirror that used to be mine, darn it. I think I even paid money for it once upon a time. Just like the lamp, which my mom bought for my college dorm room.

So many books. I swear, they are overflowing into every room of the house. There are two books on my piano bench and one on the piano and some in Bo's room and a whole shelf in the living room right this minute. There needs to be a Kindle for Kids. (Amazon, please credit me for the idea when you implement it.)

I made that.

And now we're going to see a little bit of Bo's room. But not the guest bed! P. has her name on the wall, too, and the same bed, just in white. I wanted some parts of their rooms to be even-Stephen.

I love that print, and the little coat hook (which is currently hanging over the head of the guest bed, yeesh).

I've nursed in that rocking chair once or twice. It's actually not really a part of Bo's room but since P.'s easel came to live in the living room - which is fine, it means she can draw whenever she wants without having to ask for supplies - it had nowhere else to go.

More toys. So many toys. But every time we try to get rid of anything, P. remembers it six months later and then goes on frantic hunts to find it before getting upset that it's really and truly gone.

And that's it for the kids' rooms! Beckoning Cat says "See ya later, alligator!" Tomorrow, with any luck, we'll take a stroll up to my and the mister's room. If I'm feeling extra clean-y, I might even show you my real office nook.

But don't count on it.

Looking for the kitchen tour? Or the living room tour?

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