Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Knowing What's to Come

Sometimes I feel so connected to my children that I feel like they literally are a part of me. An extension of me. Same skin. Same silly toes. Like if I gather them in and hold them tight enough, we'll suddenly revert to the single being we once were. Like together we're a universe that will someday collapse in on itself.

christa terry  tedd terry

And at other times I look into those oddly deep gray eyes that they share and I can see the distance between us. It's the distance that separates all people. I am not in their heads. They have thoughts and feelings all their own, different from mine, that I can't hear. As time goes by, we'll grow further apart in so many ways.

sibling bond

These children will grow up and may be closer to one another than they are to me, but they will be separate, too. In any case, they will grow up. That's our plan and our hope. If there was a contract mamas had to sign when handed a brand new baby, the last line item would read "I promise to someday let go."

 But right now, I can't imagine it, no matter how deep those eyes go.

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P.P.S. -  If we weren't sure that Bo was getting food into his belly, versus in his nose and in his ears, today's big ol' poo really drove home that we have a big boy baby on our hands.


  1. I just love that little dimply staring into each other's eyes picture. Priceless.

    1. Don't I know it - when they get to smiling at each other, I go all melty.

      (I kind of wish Bo's dimple swapped sides so they could be dimpling it up together.)

  2. they are so sweet! like two scoops of ice cream!

  3. aww..these are sweet photos and the sentiment is so true...


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