Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh, Hey, I Kind of, Sort of Launched a Business Today

No kidding.

I am actually totally freaking out this morning because Mom Meet Mom Beta is now live and officially open to any Boston-area mom or caregiver! We have started to get comments from some of our first users and we're frantically spreading the word.

Are you a mom? Do you know one? Then please sign up or share the love by passing us on to your mom friends. In Boston. Or anywhere, really. If you have a project you want promoted, let me know and we can s4s.

meet moms

We're not limiting the beta to Boston-area moms, in case you're curious. No matter where you are, I'm inviting you in. Feel free to sign up and create an account, then poke around and tell us what you love/hate. You just need to know that if you're not a Boston-area mom, you may not see any or many geo matches yet.

But they're coming! Soon enough, moms everywhere are going to be finding their new besties through Mom Meet Mom. *pinky swear and cross my heart*


  1. That's pretty genius! We have an online group sort of similar for our little city to help local moms meet.

    1. Neat! We found some localized services but nothing that was nationwide - so if a mom didn't have a local meet up app, she was out of luck. Now every mom can find a friend :)

  2. Very cool idea! Amazing what we can do with technology! Congratulations! And thank you so much for visiting me on my SITS day yesterday!!

  3. So proud of you! It is going to a sensation!

  4. So proud of you! It is going to a sensation!

  5. So proud of you! It is going to a sensation!


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