Friday, May 17, 2013

P. the Photographer III

Yesterday was just oh so gorgeous. I know it's May and so we are due some lovely weather, but I am just so used to weird northern Mays where the heat is still coming on mid-morning that it's an absolute delight to be outside in the sun in a tunic and shorts. P. was ecstatic that she was allowed out of the house in a dress sans undershirt, which is a real treat when you're four and winter seems to last forever.

I edged. She played. I pushed both her and Bo on our swings for what felt like ages. We had a picnic lunch and popsicles and re-potted plants and put seeds to start in itty-bitty plastic cups that are now lining the living room sill. Then we both got out our cameras to take pictures of a beautiful, perfect, wonderful day.

Here are some of P.'s:

kids camera

kids camera

What have your littles photographed lately?

Hope you have a brilliant weekend!

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  1. What is with this northern weather? Heat on two days ago - a/c nearly needed today. We haven't pulled the trigger yet but it was nearly to that point. Isn't it interesting to see what the littles take photos of? Mine takes pictures of her shoes a lot. Says a lot about her.


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