Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sunday in the Park with Pictures (a Preview)

On Sunday, the mister, P., Bo, and I headed to nearby Lynch Park with Kayce from Purple Opal Photography for a family session.

Now I think the last time we had professional pictures done was when P. was just toddling (but they didn't turn out terribly well), and then before that it was probably way back when the mister and I were just dating and he followed me down south to meet my family for the first time.

I'm going to share a whole bunch in my next post, but it's late and I'm tired so here's a little preview. A silly preview. Maybe you can tell we were all having a really fun time? There are plenty of beautiful pictures of all of us but I have a soft spot for the ones that show us goofing around.

christa terry mom blogger

christa terry mom blogger

christa terry mom blogger

Until tomorrow, check out Purple Opal Photography on Facebook to see some of Kayce's other work (including more pics of us if you just can't wait for my next post). If you're local to me, why not book a session?

All photos by Purple Opal Photography, obviously, so don't go stealing them!


  1. gorgeous family! I love the pics of your tongues sticking out, especially on Bo! Who gave him permission to grow so fast?!

    1. It sure wasn't me! It's starting to feel like time is just flying, ack!

  2. These are beautiful! I love candid shots so that group goofy is my favorite so far :)


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