Saturday, July 20, 2013

Firsts: Their First Shared Tubby

Now that Bo doesn't topple over quite as much, we felt like we could say yes when P. requested that her baby brother join her for a post-Museum way-too-late-in-the-evening tubby.

Poor Bo had his face much too enthusiastically washed. Repeatedly. I don't know if his face has ever been cleaner.

Poor P. had to make due with just a shallow bath. Safety first.

And the mister (whose hand you can see below) had to watch the proceedings like a hawk because there's nothing worse than a face full of water when you're only 9 months old.

tub time

Love it!


  1. Cute! I've been giving Kimball baths alongside the bigs when they ask. He in his little tub, they in the big tub. They like watching him, but I think they like knowing he's there most.

    1. That's been our SOP since Bo came home and he loves watching P. in the bath while he's in his wee tub. We'll probably keep doing it that way since P. was so disappointed by how little water she had to work with!

  2. We started doing that pretty recently. It's hilarious. I try to give him a bath discreetly and she comes tearing in and rips off her clothes and hops in. Within two minutes he has splashed her so much that she asks me to remove him.

  3. So adorable! I remember when mine were little (and could bathe alone), they would get everything clean but their faces. Then I realized that it was because that's the only place they couldn't see! So funny. Two of them are grandpas now......(makes me feel

    xo Linda


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