Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Must Be Magnetic

Every night I try to center Bo between me and the mister so I don't end up sleeping on a sliver of mattress.

And almost every morning I wake up with Bo nestled up next to me.

Sometimes it's because he wakes up and I'm too tired to nurse him so I pull him over to me and then fall asleep.

But sometimes I don't remember him waking up at all.

Yet there he is when I wake up, in the crook of my arm or pressed up against my shoulder.

Or he wakes up first and yanks on my ponytail until I open my eyes.

I miss falling asleep cuddling with the mister, but he and I will have decades and decades with no one to cuddle but each other.

Sometimes I miss waking up without a finger jabbing me in the nostril.

Mostly I try to appreciate that Bo loves and needs me so completely that he is drawn to me even in our sleep.

And that I love him so much that I can take him in my arms without waking up.


  1. I slept with my bub until he was 6 months old. It was the best and most comfortable thing for us at the time. So cool you have those moments captured on beautiful pictures. (Hey, it's Kristy from Pampers and Pinot - not sure if you'll remember me!)

  2. My Des is now a year old and doesn't cuddle so much anymore because he's all about waking up and testing all his climbing/mobility, but man, it was sweet. This makes me miss our near year of co-sleeping. My daughter never did it!

  3. Relish this time! I loved sleeping my my babies until they got all elbow-y and kicky. I tried taking a nap with my 15 month old recently and gave up before I got a cracked rib. I miss it.

  4. Yeah, one of us sleeps with our toddler still. I can't say that I'm enjoying it a whole lot at the moment!


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