Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meet My Monster Beet!

This week was the second-to-last week of our local farm share. In the past, we've had summer memberships at farms where everything was bagged in advance and pickup involved nothing more than grabbing the bag and driving away. But at this farm you bring your own bags and pick from the day's harvest that's laid out on card tables. Sometimes washed, sometimes not.

Today, at pickup, I just HAD to grab this beet:

It is BIGGER than the watermelons also in the fridge. Seriously. It is the largest beet I have ever seen in person and I am so going to enjoy roasting it and eating it some time later this week!

Do you rely on a weekly farm share to stock your fridge in spring, summer, and early autumn? Have you ever signed up for a winter veggie share?

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  1. That thing is HUGE! I would make so many things with it...beet/carrot/orange juice comes to mind! I pulled a big radish from our yard (left over garden by previous residents). I was so excited to make a radish salad, but it tasted yucky.


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