Friday, November 22, 2013

A Sweet Look at Prematurity: Ward Miles' First Year

Prematurity is often raw, hard to look at, and difficult for those on the outside to understand. When it's documented, it's seldom beautiful.

But photographer and filmmaker Benjamin Scot captured a different side of prematurity in the video he made for his wife, Lyndsey, that shows their son Ward Miles' journey from his start as a 1.5 pound 25-weeker to his first birthday and his life as a sweet, happy, healthy little baby boy.

Who's cutting those onions? Seriously, I demand to know.

But don't worry, Ward Miles offers up a special birthday surprise that's the perfect antidote to all the feels you'll be having - it's the perfect heyyyyy, wait, wha? moment to get you laughing after the tears you'll surely be shedding.

(And since I'm on a prematurity kick, I cordially invite you over to the Mom Meet Mom blog where this week we had another guest post by preemie mom and blogger Audrey Lee.)

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