Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Getting Guesty: Come Celebrate Thanksgiving with Kendra Thornton!

Today, as a pre-Thanksgiving app of sorts, I've accepted a guest post from one Kendra Thornton - travel expert, PR whiz, and all-around nice person! I love her take on keeping the holiday low key with a focus on the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Think gratitude over gravy, and simplicity to cut down on stress. Here's what she had to say:

Once again in the Chicagoland, leaves have changed colors and fallen to the ground. The air now has that telltale nip that indicates winter is just around the corner. At the Thornton house, family plans are being laid in preparation of the coming holidays. For me, Thanksgiving is the best holiday of them all. On this day each year, we focus on gratitude and giving back. As an added bonus for us, all of our relatives will be descending upon Chicago to share Thanksgiving with us, and I can hardly wait!

In preparation, I’ve been browsing Pinterest for fun appetizer and dessert ideas that my kids and I can enjoy fixing together. As they get older, they have begun to enjoy helping Mom in the kitchen more than ever. I have, however, learned that simple projects are best. More complex food tasks result in big messes left for me to clean up later, so I’m focusing on finding simple recipes that will be quick and easy to make.

My family loves a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, I absolutely have to have certain staples on hand for the feast. I’ll be serving a turkey, of course, as well as my personal favorite, mashed potatoes and gravy. Sides of stuffing and cranberry sauce will be present also. Then I think I’ll incorporate a few non-traditional dishes as well. On Gogobot’s blog, I found a great article listing menus that will be featured at some luxury hotels this Thanksgiving. Naturally, I’m going to have to try a few.


To keep things simple but interesting, I’ve decided to use these dishes as inspiration and remix them in my own kitchen. I certainly hope everyone will enjoy this experiment! For starters, I’m going to put together my own version of pumpkin soup, inspired by the pre-dinner soup that Waldorf Astoria in Orlando plans to serve this Thanksgiving. The dish features lobster incorporated into the soup to give a fresh twist to a seasonal delicacy.

I’m incredibly grateful for the many blessings in my life. Each year, at the Thornton house, we go around the table on Thanksgiving and list things for which we are thankful. It’s my favorite Thanksgiving tradition that we have. I hope you and your family consider borrowing this tradition and making it your own. Whatever you choose to do to celebrate Thanksgiving, have a safe and wonderful holiday. May it be filled with delicious food, and may you be surrounded by the ones you love!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! One day I will grow up and become a proper holiday party hostess. Meanwhile, I am pinning all these ideas!


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