Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Bloggy Christmas Card from Us to You

I haven't sent out a single Christmas card.

Each trip to the mailbox this December has been another chance to drown in holiday guilt because there have been at least three Christmas cards daily from family and friends who will not be receiving on from us.

Christmas has simply BLINDSIDED me this year.

And I figured out why, I think. Last year, Bo was just a little scrap of a thing, not at all mobile and relatively undemanding. Last year, I was still on maternity leave and not hustling to find freelance work because I assumed I'd be working for the agency once February rolled around. All I had was time.

Now time is the main thing I'm hurting for more of. December was packed to the max. There was the holiday show and the practice and prep required to make it happen. Christmas shopping – virtual but still time consuming. Holiday outings and the yearly parties. Visits from family. Last-minute sugarhoneyicedtea shopping. And of course, work that included bunches of last-minute sugarhoneyicedtea assignments.

Now the presents have all been opened and the cinnamon swirl French toast has been eaten. In a minute, I'll go back into the kitchen and make up a batch of my mum-mum's molasses cookie dough to roll and cut and bake and then decorate. We've Skyped with my dad and his lovely wife and some of P. and Bo's aunts and uncles. We talked to my mom. The mister will be calling his mom any minute. But not much is planned for the rest of the day. P. is making scenes with Spongebob Action Adventure set. We might watch a movie… or three.

I did take a minute, though, to whip up a Christmas card thanks to Paperless Post. And unlike any of the Christmas cards we received, this one has actual scenes of this morning. Do I feel a little bad about not sending out real, actual paper cards? Sure, but since most people don't even bother to sign their Christmas cards anymore, I figure a virtual bloggy Christmas card is as good as any! 

So here you go:

christa terry

P.S. - If you want to do something nice for me for Christmas, please sign up for Mom Meet Mom and start using your one-of-a-kind referral code to spread the word! We have some really awesome things planned for 2014 and we'd love for you to experience them along with us :) And if you'd like me to do something nice for you - like promote your Etsy shop or some other personal project - post a link in the comments and I'll share it next week.



  1. I think it's perfect, and Christmas blindsided me too. Well, you saw my bloggy card. Merry Christmas to you all!

    1. Thanks :) Merry Christmas to you and yours, too!


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