Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The BabbyFamily MUCHO BELATED House Tour Pt. IV: Sleep

So what if I didn't get my house tour finished in one...lifetime? So what if I actually forgot all about it?

It's not like I'm a busy mom with tons of client work who is also in the process of launching a business, right? Oh, wait, I am. That's exactly how I'd describe me. And what that means is that every day I wake up to about a zillion emails and responsibilities, and yet for some reason the littles are clamoring for breakfast even though I swear I fed them the day before and even the day before that, too. Kidding, kidding. Except about the emails and the responsibilities. Those are real. Too real!

And so what if I only have four pics of my bedroom because we never make our bed and we have a Joovy Room2 set up between our dressers?

home tour - christa terry

In that space to the left? Imagine that instead of seeing floor what you're seeing is the most ginormous pack-n-play ever created and you'll have a much better idea of what my bedroom REALLY looks like.

Picture a whole bunch of men's clothing piled up here, too, for a more realistic image of my life.

home tour - christa terry

This image of corner wall is actually true to life if only because I can't throw dancewear or jewelry on a vertical space so all you get is P.'s psychedelic hand print from two years ago.

home tour - christa terry

The aforementioned jewelry? Picture it here. It ought to fit neatly in the pretty Murano glass bowl but I guess I have more jewelry than you'd think based on how little I wear thanks to a certain baby with grabby hands. Not pictured: The giant bag of clothes I can't wear because I'm still nursing that somehow has ended up right next to my side of the bed. And appears to be mutating.

And finally, to complete the picture you have to remember that I was supposed to finish up my house tour in a single week and that was eight months ago. Or at least I said so in my first three house tour posts. It has actually been so long that I've rearranged furniture in almost all of the rooms pictured. We have a second Tripp Trapp. My living room is completely reversed. The Lane chest is in storage and P.'s dollhouse now lives in her room thanks again to Mr. Grabby Hands.

But like I said, so what? It's done. And I'm inspired. For a while, my blogging goal is to move through all the half-finished drafts sitting around gathering dust and giving me serious writer's anxiety. Because there's nothing quite like a job that if not done well is at the very least done.

Know what I mean?

P.S. - Looking for the kitchen tour? Or the living room tour? Or perhaps a look at where my kids play? Heh, probably not!

P.P.S. - THIS is an INCREDIBLE READ. Read it and pass it on to the mamas you know who going crazy with new babies.

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