Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Bagel Thing, the Camera Thing, and the Santa Parade

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So. This post should have included about a bazilion pictures of our giant family Thanksgiving in NY. Except our camera has been dying a slow death ever since we went crazy taking photos on the coldest, iciest day of 2013. I guess little point and shoot numbers like the ice and snow just about as much as I do. It finally gave up the ghost, so to speak, a couple of weeks ago and I've been dragging my rear on buying a replacement.

The good news is that the replacement camera is in the mail. The bad news is that the old Sony Bloggie I found in my desk drawer and took to NY as a temporary replacement camera decided that focusing was for squares. I have zero usable photos from Thanksgiving - thank you, Sony. I was telling my good friend Jess that the only holiday drama was the lack of plain bagels for P. in the bagel bag - thank you, relatives - but I guess the camera thing trumps the bagel thing.

And if the bagel thing and the camera thing were the worst things we had to deal with this Thanksgiving, well, I consider that a blessing!

After Thanksgiving, of course, comes our town's holiday kickoff parade - better known as the Santa Parade - which we have made it to with varying degrees year by year. Some years we've seen the whole thing. One year we missed it altogether. Last year I think we saw the last 10 minutes and only because I heard the high school marching band doing its thing and hustled us all out the door.

This year, we planned ahead thanks to our daycare provider reminding me more than once and we even invited friends. It's not the most impressive parade but they throw candy (which P. likes) and the Shriners are always there with their tiny trucks (which I like) and the high school bands are pretty good - and who doesn't like marching bands? The only thing missing this year were the Clydesdale horses (which I like) but upside... no chance of waltzing into a horse dookie, so it's a draw.

Bo LOVED the Shriners and their tiny trucks!

Firetrucks are loud. Here's proof:

P. didn't much like that part.She didn't like having to dash like mad to get to candy before bigger kids who had brought bags to fill, but she coped.

Except when I accidentally pushed her and made her cry. My bad mama moment for the day.

Having fun with friends, yay!

She thought they were pretty cool. So did Bo!

Does your town do a holiday kickoff parade? How was your Thanksgiving?!


  1. We do have one! Here in good old Northampton. It's in the Florence part of the "city" and it was a blast. Shriners, Santa, reindeer, candy.


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