Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

How was your New Year's Eve? Did you get a sitter and get crazy or find a family-friendly way to ring in 2014?

Even though I wrote about celebrating New Year's Eve with kids for the Mom Meet Mom blog, I didn't actually use any of my own suggestions. We had numerous invitations from friends to hit up the local First Night festivities, but we (by which I mean I) opted to stay in thanks to a rough morning and freezing temperatures. And while we told P. that when she when she woke up it would be a whole new year, we didn't even do a kid's countdown.

Luckily at 4 she doesn't care about non-gifting/non-candy/non-travel holidays yet.

The only place we made it to was the supermarket for raspberries, marshmallows, sipping chocolate, and latte supplies.

The mister had to work, anyway, so trying to bundle everyone up and get into town would have been solely my responsibility and I just wasn't up to the task. All I wanted to do was try out my new milk frother and bundle everyone into bed.

Our grownup New Year's Eve was equally subdued, partly due to the fact that the mister and I were both bone tired - thanks, Bo - and partly because neither of us made any effort to make plans beyond hot chocolate and Once Upon a Time on Netflix.

We did kiss at midnight-ish. So we had that going for us, I guess.

Just kidding! I'm not at all disappointed by our quiet New Year's night in. After all the effort involved in putting Christmas together I'm ready for a month of like nothing going on before I have to start thinking about P.'s 5th birthday in earnest, yikes.

Happy 2014! XOXO!


  1. That hot chocolate looks decadent. Jealous. I love Once Upon A Time!!! My NYE was also spent with family, albeit the extended family - a raucous bunch - and I loved every moment of it. Happy Happy New Year to you, my friend. Hope it is an amazing one for you and your family.


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