Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stuff I Like: Merino Kids Organic Cotton and Superfine Merino Wool Sleep Sack

It is cold here today. In fact, it is so cold that even though there is some gorgeous fluffy snow on the ground I sent P. and also Bo off to daycare because the five minutes I spent outside re-clearing the car nearly froze the tips of my poor fingers off. That's with mittens on.

It's also cold in my house because like pretty much everyone I know here in New England I cannot afford to keep my home at what is commonly known as "room temperature" 24/7. Seriously, do you actually know anyone who shells out to keep their home in the 68 and 74.3 °F range over the winter? Because I don't. Know anyone or keep my house that warm, I mean. Especially at bedtime.

That's why getting ready to sack out means sacking up for the Bo. P. puts on her footies, I am in head to toe sweats, and the mister is buried under blankets, but I'm still paranoid about babies and blankets thanks to all the infant safety warnings. And plus, how do you get a baby to actually stay under a blanket anyway?

Enter the sleep sack - or sleepsack, if you prefer. I'd definitely put it on my list of must-have winter gear for babies here in New England because helloooooo polar vortex.

What kind should you buy to keep baby's toes toasty? We have plenty of your standard Halo sleep sacks hanging around but if you want to up your baby sleep game you can't beat the Merino Kids organic cotton and superfine merino wool sleep sack. Don't let the word "wool" fool you - there is nothing itchy going on here.

Here's the skinny on this particular product:

  • It's made from super soft Woolmark-certified Superfine Merino - you would not know there is any wool.
  • No, for real, it is really super soft.
  • It's stitched by master tailors in India. Probably not important, but still a fun detail. 
  • Wool has been shown to keep kids warmer without overheating them better than polar fleece.
  • It's naturally fire-resistant. I like that.
  • Fits up to two years - and then some. 
  • No, really. It's huge.
  • Unzips from the bottom, lays flat, and can be opened via shoulder snaps, too.
  • There's a flap opening that makes going from bed to car seat or stroller possible.
Re: the hugeness... We got the 0-2 year size but honestly, P. could wear it as a dress so there's a lot of room for Bo to grow or for bigger little ones who fall into the other end of the percentile spectrum.

That said, it's still nice and fitted up top where it should be to keep squirmy worms from slithering out.

My final impressions: Merino Kids makes what feels like it will be a long-lasting sleepsack, both in that it will fit for a good long while and in that lots of washing has not caused any changes in the look or feel of it. Is it more expensive than a Halo sleep sack? Yes, by a lot, but I get the feeling that a Merino Kids sack will make it through more rounds of hand-me-downs before the zipper gives up the ghost. (That said, I should probably say it's expensive by any measure but if it fits in your budget, enjoy!) Getting Bo in and out took a little practice because we were used to zipping him up in sacks that go on like jackets, but now it's no big deal. All in all, I like it. It fits well, looks nice, and feels good, too.

I actually had no idea that wool could feel so nice. Maybe it's time for me to look into wool for myself!

What's your favorite brand of sleepsack?

And the disclaimer: I received a free Merino Kids Organic Wool Sleep Sack to try out but that didn't influence my opinions about the product because I am a strong, independent woman.

P.S. - Check out more of my must-have winter gear for babies! And have your say in the new Mom Meet Mom forums!


  1. I want one - they look amazing and your simply sweet looking children look so happy! Do they make them with the bottom end open for grown-ups and if not, why not? What a great business opportunity! (They would make fab evening dresses). Much, much nicer than onesies.

  2. This is a great recommendation - it's still cold here in VA, not as bad as New England I'm certain, but still. My friend recently had a newborn baby girl (sooo precious) and I love finding little things to get her. :) Thanks for the suggestion and Happy Friday Christa! -Iva

    1. You're welcome and best wishes to your friend's new baby! I love buying baby prezzies :)

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