Friday, January 24, 2014

The Most Frustrating Part of Parenting

...has to be when P. just plain shoots herself in the foot.

What I mean is that there is maybe a little hiccup in our day - a hiccup that involves her doing something not so great or just plain ignoring me. And I am trying so hard to give her a chance to avoid an easily avoidable negative consequence.

It's when you'll hear me saying something like "Just put on your pants and then you'll still have time to play before we leave!"

Mamas, isn't that the worst?

Most Frustrating Part of Parenting

You want to give your kids something good... a sweet treat... a walk to the playground... a few extra minutes of Netflix... whatever.

And you can't. Because you've given them every possible out and it becomes a choice they're making. The pants go on at the last possible second and then there are even more tears because there's no time to play.

Being that P. is four I know she doesn't always get that I'm not always the one taking something good away.

That's learning, I guess. The ten minutes you waste bellyaching about what would have amounted to two minutes of personal grooming is ten minutes of Gulliver's Travels or Candy Land lost.

When you're a grownup, maybe it's the ten hours you waste being mad at your spouse over something that would have amounted to a two minute convo to clear things up.

Something like that, anyway.

hardest thing about being a mom

But even so, I don't think I'll ever get used to the frustration of watching my little ones take the wrong road or the hard road when it's not the only road there is.

P.S. - Have you read my proven alternatives to time outs yet?


  1. I told my almost-5-yo that if he spent 5 minutes cleaning up he could watch a tv show. He spent over ten minutes yelling and complaining. WELP. (after some hugs and cuddles to calm him down, he sacked out on top of me and slept for 2 hours then woke up and ate a bunch of food. I prompted him to clean up, he declined, and then about half an hour later started cleaning up ON HIS OWN, making sure I saw what he was doing. You win some, you lose some.)

  2. Okay, I read this and 5 minutes later, my almost 2 year-old, who was sitting on the table (yeah, he was) got mad at me for not letting him watch another video and he threw a place mat on the floor in anger. And I had to take him down and make him play with something else. I couldn't ignore it. I hate the crying, but he has to learn.


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