Friday, February 28, 2014

Stuff We Like: Mini Boden

We've been so lucky to be given tons of handmedown clothes for P. and Bo so we haven't had to buy that much for them in the wardrobe department. If you can say the same, you know how awesome it is to get regularly deliveries of bags of baby and toddler clothes. The main downside to the kindness of friends and family is that you don't get the chance to dress up your little ones the way you virtually dress them on your Pinterest boards.

I mean, I guess I could still buy a bunch of clothes but jeez, I'm not made of money here.

What ends up happening is that I have to pick and choose when to buy new clothes for P. and Bo based on need - like when we randomly have no 18 month t-shirts or someone has to have a white dress for a performance - or extreme want. Sometimes there is just something I have to have for them because I can't imagine passing up the cuteness.

And dang it, if I'm going to buy clothes that they're going to grow out of in three or six months they better darn well be cute!

So of course I said yes when I was offered a chance to review a couple of things from the Mini Boden side of Boden (which I just found out originally launched as a British menswear company - color me surprised). Here's what I chose P. chose:

That would be the Hopscotch Jersey Dress and the matching reversible hat (yay, summer! get here soon xoxo) and for Bo, she chose a knitted play set featuring Sprout the dog. We had one hiccup in that the too freakin' cute striped pants were kind of big on slim-waisted Bo so they didn't make it into our little private pre-party photo shoot. P. modeled her new duds with a coordinating pink shirt (because brrrrr) and heart leggings.

mini boden review - mini boden giveaway

Did you catch that silly me decided that the best time to start working on the review was right before P.'s fifth birthday party where there was going to be crazy amount of sliding, pizza, and cake?

Oh, and I gave Bo a clementine on the couch because I apparently turned my brain off that morning.

mini boden review - mini boden giveaway

Luckily, jersey dresses are meant for jumping, sliding, and playing. I'm not going to put P. in anything that absolutely requires dry cleaning because thats just crazy talk. She's five - she's gotta be able to move and explore without me losing it.

mini boden review - mini boden giveaway

Cute? TOO cute. As soon as I saw it on the Boden website the bird pattern was killing me. Bo's sweater, too.

mini boden review - mini boden giveaway

And speaking of Bo's sweater, you can guess how his clementine eating experiment ended.
mini boden review - mini boden giveaway

"What, mama, you mean I WASN'T supposed to dribble clementine juice all over my new sweater and also the couch!?"

mini boden review - mini boden giveaway

Maybe the best thing about our new Mini Boden gear was that the clementine juice and the birthday cake smears washed right out leaving no evidence behind. If you're a mom, you know how important that kind of thing is!

P.S. - Want 10% plus free shipping on your own Boden order? Then use this link!

P.P.S. - Just so you know, I was sent a couple of free outfits for the little ones in return for this post, but just because I get a freebie doesn't mean I have to say anything nice. When I say something nice, it's because I want to.

P.P.P.S. - Read about why I'm putting on my rose colored glasses now and why I think you should, too, here!


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    1. It's definitely not a discount shop, that's for sure. I'll be sticking to the sale/clearance zones!

  2. I am new to your blog but wanted to say I love that skirt. we have 7 kids and I am so grateful for all we have been given but some times I see something so stinking cute I just have to pick it up


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