Sunday, March 30, 2014

An Up-to-Date Bo to English Dictionary

The other day I was excited to tell the mister that Bo was saying apple. AH-PUH, more like it, but close enough. Turns out that Bo had been saying apple for a while - just not to me. Also ball and apparently yogurt.

He's been pretty slow to talk compared to P. who by 13 months event had all sorts of things to say. Bo definitely knows how to say hi and bye, though he's been less clear on what bye actually means until this past weekend when it just kind of clicked.

He knows his apples, too, I guess.

With every other thing, he's still a little shaky on how words and stuff go together. 

Pata - Pasta... or dinner. Or pancake. Or any food that's standard breakfast, lunch, or dinner fare.

Nana - Banana... or any fruit.

Mo - More, which he'll sometimes say when he's not signing it (which he doesn't do all that often).

Papa - Papa... or any man, whether they look like papa or not. Seriously, any male person.

Mama - Mama... or "Look at this thing!" Or just "Hey!"

Buhpa - Sister... or "Let me into sister's room." Or just stuff that belongs to P.

Buhbuh - Bubble, though sometimes it means whatever he's pointing to.

Buhoo - Balloon. (He really likes balloons.)

Buy - Ball.

Am I worried? Nah. Though it's not an uncommon worry, apparently. I figure he's trying to talk and that seems more important for right now than how well he talks. After all, he has a big sister who can do all the talking for him.

But still I'd love to hear from other mamas of later talkers!


  1. My son calls apples.. "a ball!"
    I wouldn't worry either. He is talking. I worry more when they're just silent, you know?
    Scarlet was certainly more eloquent than Des, but he talks all day long! And I can understand..some of it.

    1. It's funny because whenever this comes up people are like, oh sure, boys spend their energy on physical stuff. And then I have to say "Sure, but Bo also doesn't walk." If he's not up and walking by his next appointment I think the pedi is going to flunk him.

  2. I wasn't worried until age 2. Then I was really worried at age 2.5 and wish our provider had taken my concerns more seriously. Turns out language was the primary symptom of C's ultimate diagnosis. Now you wouldn't know how far behind he was three years ago.

    We had the s as me concerns about R when she wasn't talking much at 18 months. But between calling EI and get first appointment after evaluation she exploded.

    But 13 months? No cause for concern, but good to keep close watch if language peters out or stops developing or even back slides.

    1. Bo is 18 months - he just doesn't have half the words P. did when SHE was 13 months, if that makes sense.

  3. My girl is 19-months-old. She says about 5 words very poorly (the clearest is "Hi" which is actually more like "Aye!"). We have "ee" for eat, "eeese" for please, "dat" for "that" and "hi." We have a family of quite a few late talkers (although I showed up talking at 8-months-old with my first words as "oh boy" so there's that). But, at this point the talkers under 2 are outnumbered by the over 2-years-old. And many of the 2-year-old pluses had like one or two words that were clear, and a few that were barely there. So, it was a factor of why we decided to teach our daughter ASL to help us just in case. Well, now she knows over 120 signs, and communicates with us rather easily most of the time. The words will come--we've always spoken to her quite a bit, and she obviously understands most (seriously, got to watch what you say around this lady) of what we say. She's just not quite there with speaking them clearly. She was also a late crawler, a late walker, and a late quite a few others. I have gotten over worrying or caring, personally. Too much effort.


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