Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do You - Like All Moms - Have the Cutest Kids? Do They... Drive you Crazy?

I have this theory that every mom has the cutest kids. I know it's not logical. We can't all possibly have the very cutest babies and children. But like magic, we do. And since I love to see pics of everyone's cute little ones I turned it into a contest over at the Mom Meet Mom Facebook page. Mostly so I could smile at all the babeez, you know? But also so I could give away some Target gift cards, too.

Check out the contest gallery and like pics to vote for your faves! The five cuties will the most likes will go on to the finals, where everyone will have a chance to vote for the three winners. And if you're so inclined, enter - just share a pic (up to five, actually) on our wall or send them to us in a pm and we'll add them to the cutest baby and kid gallery.

And now speaking of babies, if yours is just plain driving you crazy I want you to read this. Please, right now. Or whenever your baby will let you. I wrote it because I know what it's like to be looking at a new baby thinking "Why are you doing this to me?!"

Have a great rest of the day, everybody! (Even if it is kind of a gray blah one...)

Or don't have a great day and complain about your not so great day in the Mom Meet Mom forum. Seriously, I would love you for it. You'd end up making MY day great ;)

And P.S., if you're a mama who never had a hot bod to begin with (and feels alone in that), read this!


  1. I think their cuteness is a survival mechanism…. :p

    1. You know, I didn't even realize the tie in between the two halves of this post but OMG. Yes. They have to be cute because otherwise who knows what all we frazzled parents would do.

      (It's a good thing they're still cute at 5 because this morning P. I considered mailing her to Cuba.)

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  3. babies are the gifts from god to us.
    they are so cute, share their cuteness, on or let them expose by giving them portfolio or by buying a canvas portrait for them


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