Thursday, March 6, 2014

Don't Touch Me - I'm a Nursing Mother!

The poor mister. He's a very touchy-feely kind of guy. Loves hugs and cuddles. Among other things. Because he's, you know, a guy.

Me? I have a kind of take-it-or-leave-it relationship with physical contact.

If I'm being completely and utterly honest, my deeply ingrained affinity for personal space can sometimes even include contact with my own children.

Now, I will never, ever - like never ever ever - refuse a hug or a cuddle from my little ones, but there are times when P. is hanging from my neck and Bo is trying to climb my legs that I would sincerely love the ability to teleport so I could just disappear to the nearest Starbucks or any other location where it would be unlikely that anyone would try to touch me.

It doesn't help that Bo is still nursing now and then.

More now than then when he's feeling tired, sick, or if he's teething. A couple of months ago I thought he might be self weaning because he was down to one nursing session a day but then he got the cold from H-E-double-hockey-sticks and we were back up to full speed.

And yes, even at 16 months old he's still glued to me for at least a few hours over the course of the day and night. I wouldn't change a thing since he's a baby after all and I know that someday he's going to grow up and P. is going to grow up and I will swoop in for the occasional hug and get squarely dissed by big kids who are just too cool for that sort of thing.

I figure that'll be mostly okay. My own mom still swoops in for what I deem far too many hugs and totally ignores my square disses.

But back to the mister. And my bubble. After a day being climbed on by two tiny humans that last thing I want is to get my romp on. Or even do a lot of a hugging. I just want to relax with nothing but air on all sides of me. I want to wrap myself in my own shell and remember where my skin begins and ends. I want to just kind of be me for a while without having to share myself or my space with anyone.

I figure that once my little ones are bigger and are less physically demanding it'll all change, but for now... is that like totally weird or what?


  1. Aaaagh- Can I just say I love you for writing this. I seriously wondered if I alone felt this EXACT same way. When my husband moves in on me on the couch or wherever, I put my hands up and go, "No way. I've had 2 creatures crawling all over me all day- I want some space. I do not want to be touched right now." Thankfully he usually gets it and I think the same thing too- one day they'll grow up and they won't want our hugs, cuddles and kisses so I bear with it for now. Thanks again for letting me know I'm not entirely crazy and I'm not alone :)

    1. Woo! *high five* Seriously, I thought I was the weird one! At least we can be weird together :)

  2. So I'm not sure how to break it to Christopher that a cartoonist was hiding in the closet that night I told him not to touch me because I was tired of being touched all day long. He's sad enough about it. ;)

  3. You'll be lonely one day

    1. I assume you're basing that on the assumption that because I feel a little touch tired after being manhandled all day I don't let the mister touch me?


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