Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Love for the Little Guy

So I'm not going to say that Bo isn't still the happiest baby on the block but he's definitely got pretty strong opinions about how things ought to be nowadays.

For instance, baby toys are OUT. The stand mixer and the moka pots and anything else mechanical and/or that can be screwed and unscrewed are IN. As are going into big sister's room to play with her toy kitchen and going down into the basement to visit with the kitties - two things that I cannot do all day every day for a wide variety of reasons. 

But give the little mister about a minute of downtime and he will beg to be picked up, use one tiny baby hand to point your face in the direction he'd like you to take him, and point the other at the various doorknobs and other forbidden things he'd like you to manipulate for him. Give him a tea pot. Give him a drinking glass. Give him the camera or a screwdriver or a Sharpie.

Just make sure it's absolutely not baby friendly and he's a happy dude.

I think the biggest difference between Bo now and his big sister at the same age is that he's all extremes. Deliriously happy much of the time. Full of baby rage when he doesn't get his way. And so oddly empathetic - P.'s 5-year-old brand of anger inspires him to screeching. When she cries, he's prone to tears for no good reason.

If you ask me what I think he wants at any given moment, I think the answer would be that he wants to be one year older than his sister - or maybe skip straight from one to twenty-one. He clearly wants to eat, drink, play, and... clean with the big boys.

Except when it comes to walking. He's managed to climb onto my desk and the kitchen bench and into the bathtub, but he's solidly anti-walking at 16 months. So weird.

How have your children surprised you lately?


  1. Cute!

    My kids always liked playing with kitchen stuff too. Bowls were a big thing.

    1. With him, it's not exactly kitchen stuff - more things that are kind of mechanical or that you can manipulate with your hands. He won't play with tupperware but give him a French press and he's in heaven.

  2. HAHA oh, I loved seeing more of him in action with his little pot thingie!


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