Friday, May 30, 2014

Gonna Have Three Day Weekends All Summer Long

P. starts school this fall - be still my heart - and seeing as how that is coming up quick it's looking like there's not going to be a block of months or even weeks where I have P. and Bo home with me at the same time. That's not unexpected. My crazy notion of quitting childcare in July and August was just that... crazy.

For one thing, I have to work. And even if I didn't, for another, you can't just quit childcare for two months and expect it to still be there.

Speaking of work, Bo is not exactly simpatico when it comes to my sitting down for a couple hours of writing during the day. So off he now goes to daycare two days a week alongside big sister. The downside is that I miss them both like crazy while they're off socializing with their pint size peers. The upside? Fridays off, all summer long.

beach day

Bo took one of P.'s daycare days and so we three have a summer of three-day weekends stretching out before us. It works because I get two days to put my nose to the grindstone and it's very unusual for any of my clients to have emergency projects.

Today we went to the beach where my little sand magnets managed to pick up a dune's worth of the stuff and bring it back to the car. (Remember how I said I have fun size kids? That's a 12 month size swearshirt on P.) 

I guess I should prepare myself now - the car, after all, is only going to get sandier as the weather gets warmer.

When I was trying to change Bo's diaper on the passenger side seat he kicked up his legs and gobs of sand started pouring out of his shoes right into his nakey zone. I had to stand him up out on the sidewalk showing off that he's the honest goods - and naturally, he bolted, laughing his little face off.

You know what? I think this is going to be the best summer ever. Seriously.

christa terry - christa weber

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P.P.S. - Funny how much around my house has changed since my original house tour. Maybe I should do another!

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