Monday, June 2, 2014

Something Something Mother's Day

Um, so. Mother's Day. I had one. I even took pictures. I just got too busy to post. Lucky for me pictures don't spoil!


The mister and the little ones took me on a family-friendly nature walk at one of the local wildlife reservations.


There was a hiccup. I feel like there's always a hiccup. But the mister and I talked about how my taste for adventure is maybe less refined than his. On my special day, bring on the known mom-pleasers, please!


It was still a beautiful day, though, and there was homemade alfredo waiting for me at the end of it. 


Oh, and there were presents, too! P. gave me a beautiful glass wind chime. I'm still trying to find the right spot for it. I'm afraid to keep it outside but it doesn't get enough wind where it's hanging in the mudroom. 


Walked down a hill after Bo bugged me for "nummies" and then ran off so I had to chase him to see this. I like the people more than I liked the view.


I think this was Bo's first nature walk where he actually got to stretch his little legs.


Mostly, our walk was good. Mostly, the day was good.


It's hard to tell how much both of my babies whined and complained from this picture.

After a long, long, looooong winter stuck indoors I forgot how verbal little ones when it comes to how much they hate a given activity.

Anyway, back to the here and now. But if you had a Mother's Day, I hope it was awesome!

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