Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Impromptu Party Because the Mister's 35

I threw a little surprise party for the mister's birthday. He knew something was up - mostly because I sent him out with Bo and he came home to a fully clean house. He didn't know what.

What turned out to be a spontaneous birthday party with as many families as could make it. I don't remember how many, but it was plenty enough to make our little suburban backyard feel cozy.

How derpy is this birthday cake? I let P. pick the shape and the number of layers without thinking about the fact that cake is heavy and frosting melts. Even with dowels the top level started crushing the bottom - and then sliding off.

I put a sparkler in it and tried to pass it off as artful and asymmetrical. Whether or not anyone believed it, everyone loved it. How could you not love chocolate cake with double chocolate frosting and marshmallow buttercream?

Bo has a sweet tooth, for sure.

It was a great day! I made the mister's birthday great (party plus new folding bike equals awesome) and everyone who could make it to our little impromptu party had a great time.

Everyone except Cam, I guess ;)

Now I'm itching to plan my next party - which is right around the corner, thank goodness. There's so much to do but I love it!

P.S. - Have you ever been THAT MOM with the screaming baby on the plane? I have and I lived to tell the tale...


  1. i think the cake looks great :-) sounds like a fun party!

    1. Thanks - we lucked out with a gorgeous day!


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