Monday, July 7, 2014

The Only Summer Beauty Tips I Can Get Behind

Moms, have you read this? It just about made me cry to think that there are mamas out there who are missing out on fun in the sun with their kids because they are too ashamed, embarrassed, or scared to put on a swimsuit in public.

I have been just about every weight on the underside of 200 pounds and some of my biggest years were also some of the most formative. There is no joking in my voice when I tell you that when I look in the mirror I see something... gross. I know I am not seeing reality but the brain is powerful. Powerfully cruel, in some cases.

I'm also 34 and married and as attractive as I'm ever going to get - three things that have given me the strength to stare the vision in the mirror down and at the very least say, "No one is looking at your tummy and thighs but you so get over it."

This is not easy considering that like all women I am being constantly told I do not measure up. This magazine cover claims it will fix my ugly problem hair I must have. This commercial says it has the answer to the ugly cellulite I must have. Another will fix my unsightly lashes or my unsightly wrinkles or my unsightly body hair.

Absorb too much of it all and you're going to start thinking you yourself are unsightly, from top to bottom.

I'm sick of the beauty tips that exist to remind women how we can't ever measure up to... Photoshop. That our bodies are inherently gross. And that the changes that our bodies go through when we have kids mean that from now on we're only worthy of dipping our toes in the pool in a cover up.

Screw that noise. Here are the ONLY summer beauty tips you need, complements of a great friend who said I could reblog them here.  


SIX SUMMER BEAUTY TIPS by Rebecca Hains, author of The Princess Problem

1. How to get a bikini body: Put a bikini on your body.Your body is great!

2. How to get your skin ready for summer: Use sunblock. Your skin is great!

3. How to make your lashes pool-proof: Avoid mascara. Your lashes are great!

4. How to find your happy hair color: Be happy with your hair color. It's great!

5. How to get summer-ready legs: Is it summer? Look down at your legs. They're ready for use!

6. How to choose a summer wardrobe: Pick out some clothing you like. You're ready for summer!


Love it. And aside from number one these beauty tips are good all year long!

With that in mind, here's a picture of me from our recent trip to Florida - wearing a swimsuit and (more importantly) a BIG smile.

Have you ever let body UNconfidence stop you from wearing a bathing suit and missed out on fun as a result?

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