Friday, July 11, 2014

Trending Down But Not Fast Enough

There's nothing worse than watching your kid get sicker and sicker. 

I was up every two hours last night with Bo. At some point I just resigned myself to being up and started prepping supplies for the next wakeup whine. A cup of ice water beside us. An extra pacifier. A fresh medicine cup.

Yesterday was Day II of a fever that peaked at 105.6F. The quiet was nice but non-functional since I couldn't actually work with him glommed onto me.

At some point I had to put him down because I have needs, too. Then I turned around and found him asleep like this:

Then like this:

We did go to the doctor where we discovered that his white cell count is a little high but not so high as to indicate anything in particular. Keep giving him Motrin, they said. Keep hydrating, they said.

And that's why we didn't go straight to the ER when his fever spiked. I'd rather not pay a hospital co-pay to be given an overpriced dose of Tylenol and told to watch and wait.

You know a toddler is sick when he just stays put wherever you leave him.

And you know Bo in particular is sick when he'll consent to cuddles with mama (instead of papa, who I call the preferred parent).

That fever is trending down, which is what the pediatrician wanted to see. Not as quickly as I'd like to see it, though. 105.6 the first day. 105.2 yesterday. And 104.5 today.

It seemed like he was feeling better at breakfast this morning. And then he threw up on me.

Feel free to send your good vibes my way. I am mighty tired. 

P.S. - Need an interesting lunchtime read? This takes a look at what a latte can represent and how the old 'just cut out your daily latte' trope is just a distraction from the country's real financial issues. Me? I make my lattes at home with an Italian moka pot and a $1 IKEA milk frother. I guarantee they cost less than a small cup plain old java. 

P.P.S. - Have you ever thought of yourself as a bad mom? Then READ THIS NOW!


  1. Oh, boy. Hope everything gets better soon! :)

    1. He's doing a lot better - all it took was a visit to the ER where we got... *drumroll* Tylenol and a chest xray that was clear. Ruled pneumonia out, at least! But year, much better :)


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