Saturday, August 30, 2014

Another 'Farewell to Summer' Day

Yesterday was a disappointing day. We had a great morning with friends but P. was still running on short sleep after the previous night's outdoor movie so when Bo's naptime rolled around she was flagging hard enough to be cranky. I thought, Why not go to the wading pool? The weather was warm, it was bright and sunny, and we hadn't been at all this summer.

The wading pool used to be a summer go-to for P. and me when she was just a little bit younger than Bo is now. Then there were two summers of spending most of all day in an office Monday through Friday and a third where the one time I took us all to the wading pool Bo, a new crawler and mouthy to the extreme, nearly swallowed a rock. And that's why I put the wading pool on my unofficial summer bucket list way back in May.

Did we get there yesterday? No. After not having managed to get there in May, June, or July we finally did go to the park only to find that the access road was gated off for some unknown reason. We could have walked from the lot, but that would have left us with just 20 minutes of splash time and a pretty exhausting walk there and back. An already grumpy and frazzled P. cried most of the way back, having rejected the idea of going to the beach. I also cried the rest of the way home and put the kids in front of The Aristocats while I sat with a glass of wine.

So we went back today!

And between freezing fun at the wading pool and a neighbor's party and an impromptu playdate for P., it wasn't a disappointing day at all.

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