Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just Another Typical Summer Day

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And here's me totally freaking out because there aren't many left. Sure, P. will be in half-day kindergarten because our town is slow to catch up to literally every other town around here with their fancy full day kindy and Bo will still be home with me most days but, like a friend and I said to each other today: It just won't be the same.

Fall and school and growing up won't be worse. Just not the same.

Every week for nearly five years there has been a gathering at that friend's house for coffee and conversation and a chaotic group playdate involving a whole host of extra little ones. These are the moms who I exercised with when we were all pregnant together and walked with when we had babes in arms and talked with a couple times a week and drank wine with when our little ones weren't so little anymore.

At various times, some of us made it to weekly coffee and some didn't. I wasn't able to go for like two years and then started going again. By then a lot of the other mamas had started working or their little ones were in preschool or they were just busy with other stuff. But still, we kept up the wine nights, if only sporadically.

There are a lot of reasons to worry about school - new kids, peer pressure, bullying, etc. - but I figured out that my worries are more selfish than not. I'm worried about losing touch with the families who were such an important part of my mothering experience for so long. I'm worried about the loss of freedom, even if I always had to work and never felt exactly free from the obligations that came with freelancing. I could almost always put things off to crawl under a blanket with a kid on the couch and just be.

But today was today and as busy as it was it was my kind of busy.

With all the chaos, I nearly forgot that today was pretty much the last official morning coffee. Huge thanks to my friend for calling to remind me. There were pools and water tables and waterslides, too. What a way to bid adieu to summer!

We walked home (walked there also with P. riding high on my shoulders) and made pizza together while Bo watched Mater's Tall Tales for what must be the thousandth time.

From there, we hit the library where we did puzzles and checked out about a zillion books, and then after sprinting around the common P. suggested we wander around the graveyard - which my children see as an exciting obstacle course full of things to slide down and things to climb on and things to jump off of. Someday someone is going to see them and lose it, but today was not that day.

We finished off the day with pilfered pears. Semi-pilfered, I guess. We found a pear tree just dripping with fruit in someone's yard and while I didn't feel quite right pulling pears off without asking I had no qualms about picking perfectly good fruit up off the grass.

Like I said... not at all a bad way to bid adieu to summer!

(Actually, P. finished off the day with the mister staying out way too late to watch Frozen on the common with friends. I baked chocolate chip cookies and made popcorn for her to take along. She dressed up as Elsa and cuddled up on her new sleeping bag. Wish I could have been there but it'll be my turn next time.)

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