Monday, September 22, 2014

Small Changes and Sunday Mornings

We've been dealing with two sick kids. Bo had a crazy bad cold that really hit its stride on the weekend the mister got back from a business trip. That turned into a double ear infection - the first ever ear infection in our household. Then P. got a cold that affected her breathing so badly that I thought it might be enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) and made her sleep with us all weekend.

Which of course meant hardly anyone has been getting good sleep.

The mister and I have actually been trading off mornings, in the mornings. Like he got more sleep overnight, so he woke up with Bo (who tends to get up before the sun) on Sunday. Then when P., who kept me awake overnight with her coughing and fidgeting and fussing, woke up I got up with her to relieve the mister. And he went back to bed until nearly noon. 

That's when I finally said, Okay you guys, you can go upstairs and get your papa. P. and Bo had to don sunglasses first.

We ended up all back in bed jumping around and tickling the little ones and relaxing together. It was a great way to start the day.

I've done my best to keep my bedroom relaxing. The rest of the house might be a chaos of toys and books and computers, too, but the bedroom is basic. No television, as little clutter as possible, a few books, and a clean floor. Keeping it an oasis is a process, for sure. (Laundry is my nemesis.) And things are always changing. Like here is a before and after of my nightstand:  

Here's a closer look:

I think maybe it's time for a new house tour. So much has changed since my last one that it almost seems like a different house when I look back. The big stuff is pretty much the same but the layouts and the small stuff have changed bunches.

So what do you keep on your nightstand?


  1. I hope P is feeling better soon (and that you all get some sleep)--and I love, love the nightstand. But looking at the pictures, I thought, there is no way my husband could get in and out of bed without slamming his head on the ceiling at least a dozen times a day, and that would be after years of getting used to it. (How long did it take for T to get used to it?)

    And now I'm inspired. Even as the rest of our lives have devolved into chaos, I'm tackling the one room that should be the oasis. Finally.

    1. It's actually not as low as it looks. When we were figuring out where to put what, we both tested it to make sure there would be no head bumping :)


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