Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just Because You Didn't Take Pictures Doesn't Mean It Didn't Happen

Guys. My camera officially sucks. I don't know if there's something wrong with it or something wrong with me. Maybe I did something to it? Or maybe it's just suffering the ill effects of being manhandled by tiny sticky fingers. I honestly don't know but it doesn't really matter because I don't have the hundreds of dollars to spend on a "real" camera anyway.

I don't know why this bothers me so much, except that I read so many lovely blogs with so many wonderful pictures of wonderful things that other people doing and making and eating. I do and make and eat wonderful things, too, but you never see them because of my stupid camera.

Which, unless the lighting is absolutely perfect in every possible way, takes pictures that look like this:


Crap photos, for sure. But hey, we still made leaf piles and jumped into them on a warm October afternoon. Blurry photos or no photos at all. And isn't that what matters? Because I do still feel jealous of all the mamas with the high-end cameras taking their high-end pictures of their high-end fun. Seriously. Tell me how much all that doesn't matter.

P.S. - Have you read my piece outlining 10 True Things About Parenting - the Second Time Around? Because you should!


  1. If it's like the feeling I get when I read the blogs of the high-end lawyer mamas who have two incomes, no student loans, and no child education woes, man, I get you. My kid is rendered only in iPhone pics for now, and that is that.


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