Friday, October 3, 2014

The Question No Mother Wants to Hear

No, not that question!

P.'s interest in the origin of babies has been minimal at best, and she flat out refused to believe me when I told her how most babies enter the world. I'm pretty sure if I told her how babies are actually made she'd achieve even greater levels of incredulity.

No, the question P. asked was why everyone else gets to wear earrings except for her. The former statement is not actually true - plenty of girls in her class don't have pierced ears - but I guess the latter half is true. P. doesn't get to wear earrings. Because she doesn't have pierced ears.

I'm personally not a fan of piercing little baby girl's ears even though I get it. My guess is that the vast majority of girls will eventually get their ears pierced so piercing them when they're not even going to remember the relatively minor trauma makes sense. So why didn't I do it? My main fear was that I would pierce my baby girl's ears and she would turn out to be part of the tiny minority of women who would have preferred unpierced lobes.

But I'm totally on board once pierced ears have been requested. And requested and requested. Let's be very sure, shall we?

I was in third grade when my mom took me to a mall kiosk to have the teenage employees shoot piercing studs through my lobes with one of those gun things. She made me wait three months after I first asked for pierced ears to make sure I really wanted it. To this day I regret that either I flinched or the teen with the piercing gun did and I ended up with a hole very close to the edge of my ear. I had to have it redone and to this day have two holes right next to each other.

Contrary to what they say those holes don't ever really close.

Should P. decide she wants earrings, I hope to find something better than the mall kiosk - though I don't know what that will be. I've heard that some pediatricians will do it. In our state, depending on where you are piercing parlors can do it.

Lucky for me, I don't need to do the research just yet because P.'s interest in pierced ears went waaaaaay down when I explained just how pierced ears happen.

Score one for the moms of the squeamish!


  1. I read somewhere that using a person licensed in piercing, such as at a tattoo parlor, is better than the 19 year old with the gun at the mall.

    It had something to do with the way the needle parted the flesh being gentler on the ears than how the piercing gun does it.

    My daughter does not have pierced ears either, but it was not done for safety reasons, as she is prone to self-injury. She's getting much better, so I could see her possibly getting it done by middle school or so.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this . . I wouldn't pierce a baby's ears. I feel like it robs them of part of the experience (realizing they want pierced ears, asking for it, anticipating the big day, etc.).

  3. I had to wait until I was 10 or 12 (I can't recall) and had a mall kiosk situation, but fortunately it worked out. I wore earrings for a few years, then went 10+ years without, then when I wanted them again I pushed the old studs through myself. (I always want to point this out to doctors when they think I'm whiny about pain.) Anyway, the rule was arbitrary on my mother's part, but I'm doing the same thing. Our concerns are mostly hygiene (old enough to care for healing/ears herself) and also responsibility (not losing earrings).

    (And I also did the "shoot you with a gun" description, which put an end to it for now!)


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