Thursday, October 30, 2014

There's Nothing Quite Like Halloween with Kids

I was never big on Halloween once I became a grownup but I have to admit that having kids makes Halloween just a little more magical - even for us curmudgeons.

Even before P. could understand what Halloween was all about, my mom friends and I had a blast dressing up the babies and trying to get at least one picture where no one was crying. How cute was P. as a mama kangaroo?

And then a year later we didn't go trick or treating with the crowd - because what baby needs candy - but P. still made the most adorable pumpkin you ever did see. That's not just parental pride, either. We got so many compliments!

By the following year, P. had figured out that Halloween means candy - even if she only ate a couple of pieces before getting bored with it. She also figured out that it meant fun. A weird brand of fun to be sure, but she dived right in!

The next year was all about trick or treating in earnest. She wanted to be a fairy princess yet again and wore pretty much the same costume as she did the year before.The big difference was that she was practically tripping over that dress a year earlier. Big girl!

And that brings us to Bo's first Halloween that he wasn't just being carried around the block. No, he didn't trick or treat but he had fun watching P. go from door to door. And she did, too, with no prompting necessary from me. That was huge. P. talking to random folks? Wow!

This year? Bo's just not into costumes. We found that out the hard way. I got him to dress as a wee lumberjack for Boo at the Zoo, but that only worked because lumberjacks wear regular clothes. P. was all about being Elsa (which she was for downtown trick or treat) but then decided black cats were cooler.

She did make a pretty sweet Elsa - even if she was one of about a hundred Elsas cruising downtown for candy that day!

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