Friday, November 7, 2014

REVIEW: Boden Activewear in the Dance Studio!

It's review time! You probably saw my Mini Boden review wayyyyyy back around P.'s birthday. If you didn't, the verdict is loved it. P. and Bo still wear their gear all the time (one of the bennies of having kids that grow slowly, I guess.) And maybe you also know that I'm a dancer - that means I go through leggings and tanks like a monster. So naturally when Boden got in touch to ask if I wanted to check out their new line of activewear, I was like YEAH. Seriously, YEAH, bring it on because awesome gear for the studio is hard to find.

They sent (gratis but without any specific review requirements) the Run Faster sweatshirt, sports top, and cropped leggings. I could have gone with all red or all blue or all black but I thought it would be fun to mix things up, so I picked red for the top and blue for the bottom.

First impressions: When I first put on the leggings I was convinced I should have ordered the next size up. Then after about a minute went by I realized no way. It was perfect. Snug, but perfect. Loved the shelf bra in the top. I wouldn't rely on it for a workout but it's great in conbo with a sports bra or even a regular bra. And there's nothing to chafe anywhere. Thumb holes in the hoodie? My fave. The pattern and colors? Super cute.

In the studio: I was really surprised by how well the zip sweatshirt enhanced my warmup. I was, well, super warm even though the fabric is actually pretty thin (though not insubstantial). And I am always cold. Like always. It also stayed in place unlike a lot of hoodies that sneak up your midriff every time you bend forward or back.

The reaction: The minute I walked into tap the first day I wore all three pieces together people in my class went CRAZY. No kidding. Everyone was suddenly obsessed. It was all, OMG that looks amazing! Where did you get that? Where can I get that? Not that looks are the most important thing, but it doesn't hurt to get that kind of self esteem boost when you're about to get new choreography thrown at you. And I've gotten tons of complements every time I've worn pieces since, too. Winning!

Final thoughts: The only thing I wish was different about the pieces I tried is that the sports top could be a little more snug on top. Maybe that was me just plain picking the wrong size or maybe it's a quirk of the sizing on tops or maybe it's that I have boobs that suggest I should be larger all over (truth). In any case, make sure to use the FIT PREDICTOR when you buy so you don't have to hustle with returns.  

My very favorite thing about the new Boden Activewear collection has to be the way the cropped pants hug on my lower half. Like many moms who hit the gym or do yoga or dance, I worry about that jiggle.

Look, I dance with a lot of young fit folks so sometimes I feel a little bit embarrassed by my extra padding. This isn't shapewear exactly but you definitely feel like everything is staying put, even when you're doing a fan kick on the ground.

Or on a bloated day, which is what I was having in the pic above. Not bad, right?

All ready to grab some sweet Boden workout gear? The promo code YOGA has been extended to remain live until Saturday, 15 November and the offer is now 20% Off plus Free Shipping and Returns! Nice, right?

P.S. - Check out Boden everywhere:
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  1. I am quite impressed seeing these designer workout stylish apparels. But when it comes to shop for sports bra then a perfect shape wear is needed. It must be comfortable and looks proper under a t shirt or top. Some prefer extra padding but others go for light or no such structures.


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