Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shopping Small on Small Business Saturday (and Beyond)

Every year my Christmas shopping and giving has a theme. For instance, in the past we've tried to limit spending to $25 per person with the goal of finding super amazing stuff. We've also made most of the gifts ourselves just to see if we could.

This year, inspired by the changing face of our downtown, I decided I wanted to shop locally as much as possible and buy from people I know who make stuff (or from people who know the people I know).

So far so good as of Small Business Saturday!

This morning we dropped P. off for a day of fun at the dance studio and hit the streets with Bo bundled in the stroller. The goal? Find cool stuff for cool people. I didn't have a shopping list but we did have a general idea of who we needed to buy for.

The Small Business Saturday totes were awesome this year. Canvas and polka dots? Yay! I snagged one at my first stop, where I bought something for me. That's what happens when you put up a sign in the window advertising fleece-lined leggings for $12. From there, though, I swear I shopped for other people.

And that's why I usually don't buy local, actually. I'm too weak willed when I'm actually in shops. Shopping becomes one for me, one for them - instead of all for them. Whereas I can spend hours browsing Amazon and never buy myself anything.

Plus shopping at home makes it a lot harder to end up in cafes for snacks. Another one of my many vices. But I'm glad we did today since we met another family who had their own gorgeous two year old and it was fun to chat for a while.

In the end, we bought plenty of interesting and pretty things for the people on our list - shout out to Plum Consignment, Diamonds & Rust, Coast to Coast Paddle, and Clay Dreaming so mission accomplished. Between today's haul and what we bought from Periwinkle Soap, Board with Splinters, Kilnwork, Witch City Wicks, and Darn It! Sew What? we're close to being done with Christmas shopping.

Except we still need to figure out how to work around P.'s Christmas wish list, which is always oddly specific. Like I want a baby doll that does this and comes with these exact clothes. Or some esoteric thing she saw once a year ago but we've never seen and she can't tell us what it's called.  

For that? We need Amazon.

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