Monday, November 17, 2014

The Little Mister's First (Real) Haircut

You know how some toddler boys have beautiful curls or fun mop tops or epic frizz that makes growing their hair out longer than people expect an adorable thing?

That was not poor Bo's experience.

His natural look is apparently the classic mullet - baby business in the front, total party in the back.

It was getting to the point where people were asking me - frequently - if he was a boy or a girl.

And while I'm all for gender bending it does get a little tedious.

Plus, in all honesty I've been putting off cutting my toddler's hair.

I've watched enough of those first haircuts to know how grownup these little guys can look after just a few snips.

But I was going to give Bo his first haircut eventually so the other day I bit the bullet and snipped straight across the back while he was distracted by the bath.

Here's the dry result. I didn't think it made him look that grown up...

Until I put him in skinny jeans and a collared shirt. I don't know whether to squee or to cry, you know?

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