Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Dream of Building a Dance Family

For the past two Saturdays, we've put tap shoes on Bo (much to his initial consternation) and the mister has accompanied him into the 2-4 year "tinies" tap class. During the half hour his sister is another studio room doing her thing and I'm practicing in another.

He's not exactly feeling it yet. It might be his shoes, which are definitely too big. In which case the shoes en route to us will help. Might be that at just barely over two he's completely overwhelmed. Or could just be that dance or tap in particular will turn out to be not his thing. In which case I will try him in ballet/jazz before throwing in the towel.

But the thing is he loves to dance. He has grown up watching his sister dance. He recently, after watching P. practice for weeks for the holiday show, started saying, "Mama, do routine with me?"

I know dance isn't everyone's thing. It's not really the mister's, though he has gamely held Bo while he watched the class and has even participated. Today when I asked how it went and what they did, he told me it was mostly shuffle-step and toe backs and cramp rolls.

So if Bo isn't learning anything, my lovely husband is certainly getting the tap basics down.


I'm not going to push but I can't say I wouldn't be absolutely delighted if Bo turned out to enjoy tap. And not only because it would mean we could stick with a single extra-curricular for everyone. I think it's really nice to have a shared activity you can understand and enjoy as a family, whether as a participant or a spectator. It's like a shared language. The kind of thing that even later on when the kids are too cool for family fun will give you something to talk about. Something you do together. Something that even when there's a divide can bridge the gap.

Doesn't that sound nice?

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