Wednesday, February 18, 2015

There's Nowhere to Go But Out

Between snow days, school vacation week, birthdays,Valentine's Day, and all the snow, I'm starting to feel really boxed in by the clutter.

Which is funny, I guess, considering that compared to many we don't have all that much clutter. But right now there are boots and snow pants everywhere. There's a tent in the living room (my fault). And we're still figuring out how to balance P.'s new full size bed with her toy-filled room.

I mean, really, is that not just a little bananas? Granted, we had only just put in her new bed that takes up more than twice as much room as her old one. I knew there would be a period of adjustment while we figured out where to put all the things that previously could be found on the floor more often than not.

A quick clean up accomplished a lot - with everything in its place the room does feel roomier. Still, I think winter is starting to get to me!

Last week, during yet another snow fall, I bundled the kids upstairs and into my bed to zone out on screen time so I could clean my room. I may be a neat freak but my compulsion is mostly focused on the parts of my home other people see. Consequently, my bedroom and the upstairs landing do not get the attention they deserve.

Now when I should be focusing on work I'm cleaning like a maniac, trying to get things out of the house before people tromp back into it with their snowy hat and their soggy mittens and salt encrusted boots.

It's supposed to stay cold so no chance of the oppressive snow banks piled against my house melting any time soon. And more snow is apparently coming soon! For now, if you need me I'll be here stuck inside cleaning my blahs away.

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  1. Me too! My house is gets so clean when the snow keeps me inside.


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