Thursday, March 12, 2015

3 Reasons Why I Love DST

Not the switch. Oh my gosh, NOT the switch. We've never had the kids go especially crazy but the time change does seem to eat into everyone's sleep for a couple of days. And yet I love Daylight Saving Time. So much, in fact, that I think we should nix the switch and stick to DST all year long.

Getting up in the dark does not phase me. Jokes on me there since thanks to Bo's 'early to bed, early to rise mentality', I get up in the dark no matter what! But that evening daylight? I love it. Makes me happy! And so I want to keep it. Here's why:
  • Watching the sun set at just after 4 p.m. is depressing. Seriously. Like there are hours and hours left in the day and all of those hours are going to be bleak. There aren't enough candles, bouquets, and light bulbs in the world to make a 4 p.m. sunset cheery.
  • I love that my son is once again waking up at 6-something instead of 5-something. Maybe it's that it's darker later in the morning so the tiny sliver of light that somehow manages to get through his room darkening curtains can't poke him in the eye. Or maybe it's something else. Don't care!
  • The mister gets more outside time with the kids. I do, too! We can go out before dinner and then again after dinner once the mister is home from work. Sometimes bedtimes get pushed back because no one realizes what time it is but I'll take that over it feeling like the middle of the might at eight o'clock. 
For people who hate DST time and say, oh, just get up earlier if you want more time outdoors, have you ever tried taking kids to the park at 5 a.m.? They don't like that anymore than we grownups do.

For the people who hate DST and bring up safety concerns like people having to go to work and school in the dark, why is that worse than having to come home from work or school (in the case of older kids with after-school activities) in the dark? One way or the other, someone is going somewhere in the dark.

To me, it makes the most sense to set the clocks to give people the most opportunities for recreation since we could all use more fun in our lives. And once we do that, let's jut leave it there. Clock switching? Is dumb.

What's your preference? Would you be willing to go by DST hours all year long or would you rather have standard time be, well, standard? Or do you not mind the twice-a-year switch?


  1. It takes me a SOLID WEEK to get used to the change, either way. I'm with you. Evening light is WAY better than morning light. WAY.

  2. I like light in the morning and light in the afternoons - I just want to pick a time and stick with it. The change throws me off for at least a week and that sucks.


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