Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I'm So In Love with the Charlestown Bells

The mister took P.'s first day of summer vacation off and we decided to trek into Boston by train. First, because both kids love taking the train and second, because I wanted to see how our new stroller would do out and about (and on public transportation). I'd say it did pretty well!

The MOS was surprisingly un-crowded, which was a big win since it was one of those days where having two kids meant the family was heading in two directions at all times. Add in a morning business call and a mid-day business call and I'll just say it wasn't my favorite ever museum trip.

But one fabulous bright spot was being about to walk the route that the mister travels by bike every day. We found a pretty cool playground complete with a little splash park and this amazing musical art installation by the dam and locks system. 

Right on the bridge there is a series of beautiful interactive bells - the Charlestown Bells - designed by local artist Paul Matisse (a grandson of that Matisse) that the mister can apparently play while riding his foldie into work provided he hits the bridge just so.

How cool is that? We were on our way to the MOS so poor Bo didn't get a chance to get out and play with them, which I feel pretty guilty about now. Next time - and there definitely will be a next time soon since I'm super excited to do more day trips by train into Boston this summer!

P.S. - Our new stroller is the GB QBit - look for a QBit stroller review coming soon at the Hello Mamas blog!

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